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Fried ground chick peas with onions, parsley, spices and tahini


Spices lamb and beef

Chicken Shawarma Sandwich


rotisserie style chicken marinated with garlic, white vinegar and Mediterranean spices

Beef Shawarma Sandwich

Marinate slices of beef blended withMediterranean spices

Chicken Kabob

Skewer grilled, marinated boneless chicken

Shish Kabob

Chunks of boneless leg of lamb seasoned with spices

Kufta Burger

Skewer grilled ground lamb and beef marinated in garlic, parsley and Mediterranean spices

Baked Sandwiches


Baked eggplant with

sautéed fresh vegetables, onions, lettuce, and acheter viagra tomatoes, topped with feta cheese


Spinach with onions, lettuce and tomatoes topped with feta cheese

Eggplant Sandwich

Baked eggplant with onions, lettuce and tomatoes toppe with feta cheese