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“Babylon Cafe has the best Mediterranean food in the city.  My wife and I discovered this place a few years ago, and we have eaten there at least twice a month since.”  -Chandler B.

“Definitely my favorite Middle Eastern cuisine in New Orleans.  I ALWAYS get the hummus because of the BREAD!!!  Forget pita bread.  Their baked bread is amazing — warm, tasty, crispy and fluffy.  The best partner for their creamy hummus.  Great prices for the quality and the quantity.”  -Loren B.

“Babylon has some awesome food, and it’s so incredibly cheap so that definitely helps!  Their homemade bread is to die for, and I would go there just to eat that.  The portions are very generous and worth the money.”  -Rose S.

“I love this place! Now I come here over Lebanon’s every time.  Rarely do I ever have/take the time to sit down here for a full lunch or dinner, but I probably get it to go weekly or somewhere near that.  As mentioned before, the homemade bread is awesome, but I try to generally opt for the healthier whole-wheat pita.  I’ve had lots of stuff on this menu by now.  The falafel is awesome if you are a vegetarian, as are most of the apps.  The babylon special, a sampler plate of appetizers, is a great choice if sharing a meal, that and a sandwich or entree are more than enough.  The humus and baba are great.  The grape leaves are my favorite that I’ve ever had in the US.  Sandwiches are good-have had all I think that aren’t lamb.  Everything piping-hot and fresh, cheap, quick.  Can’t really beat this.”  -Jordi G.

“Great Mediterranean food. Very tasty, and very reasonably priced. The decor is casual and inspired by Middle Eastern themes.”  -Megan H.

“Best middle eastern in NOLA.”  -Holly M.